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Water Celebrity of the Week: Alicia Keys

2 Comments 04 April 2011

Water Celebrity of the Week: Alicia Keys

Singer Alicia Keys is WaterWideWeb’s Water Celebrity of the Week. In her music video Superwoman, water is a powerful metaphor for the unity and empowerment of women.

Within the first minute of Superwoman, Keys is adorned in traditional garb walking across the Saharan desert to fetch water at a well. On her head rests a basin to collect enough water for either herself or her family.

Trailing behind Keys is a row of other women who are on the same journey to fetch clean water for themselves and loved ones. On their hips they carry infants or toddlers. And on their heads, they too balance an empty basin for water.

In this evocative scene, Keys bends over a water hole and pours water from her basin into the basin of another woman directly behind her at the well.

Without words, Keys captivates viewers and conveys a compelling message. Water must be shared by those who have it, with those who need it most.

Key’s connects the significance of water for superwomen around the world. Empowering women in developing nations is next to impossible without providing them with clean drinking water.

Artistically, the water shared by Keys in the Saharan desert morphs into water poured into a glass by a female executive in corporate America.

In a split second, one witnesses how water connects women from around the globe. Despite social class, education level, or national identity, all superwomen are refreshed by a glass of clean drinking water.

According to looktothestars.org, Keys is also involved with a water charity called Raising Malawi (RW). RW boasts of providing 57,000 villagers in Malawi with piped clean drinking water.

In nations such as Malawi, access to clean drinking water can reduce mortality rates from water-borne diseases. It can provide women with more time to devote to entrepreneurship, thereby decreasing rates of poverty. Clean water provision can have a ripple effect for the development sphere in Malawi and beyond.

Directly and indirectly, Keys continues to open doors for clean water initiatives. She uses her talent, influence, and resources, to make a world of difference in the lives of the world’s superwomen.

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  1. SherwinJTB says:

    That was different. Don’t think I’ve seen anyone focus so much on water stories with a passion. Congratulations to Alicia for getting noticed.

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