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Water Art: The Work of Sonni Suryatmojo

2 Comments 29 November 2010

Water Art: The Work of Sonni Suryatmojo

Sonni Suryatmojo is an architect and photographer from Indonesia. In several of his photographs, Suryatmojo highlights the connection between water and human life. His life motto is “Let you soul guide you. It will never guide you wrong”.

Suryatmojo was born in Singkawang, Indonesia. The name of his hometown, Singkawang, means “a city nearby a sea or estuary” in English. One wonders if Suryatmojo was born to photograph nearby waters and city life.

In 1995, Suryatmojo graduated with a degree in architecture and visual arts from Merdeka University in Indonesia. Currently, he works for Ragaka Design.

Photo Credit: Sonni Suryatmojo

In the photo to the right, an ocher colored house with a magenta rooftop is settled near marshy wetlands. The color contrast between the ocher colored house and the surrounding green landscape catches the viewer’s eye. One’s curiosities are immediately sparked.

Questions arise about who would live in such a beautiful home settled in a rural countryside and why they would choose to live there, mystify the viewer. The house looks fit for a fairytale more so than for daily living with its color scheme. In this photo, one sees the influence of Suraytmojo’s upbringing in the South Pacific. The relationship between daily life, the water, and existence are fused in this remarkable work.

Photo Credit: Batu Burung Bridge by Sonni Suryatmojo

The photo to the left is entitled Batu Burung Bridge. Suryatmojo presents the viewer with an image of a bridge over still waters. Hues of purple, blue and gray add a numinous element to the picture. Clearly, the photograph was taken at dawn, seconds before sunrise. One wonders what travelers will cross the bridge in the coming day. What will their cargo include and will they pass the bridge a second time before sunset, are questions that roam in the mind of the onlooker of this work.

One also wonders where the bridge leads to on either end. It was constructed with basic materials and only one vehicle can drive along the bridge at a time. One can assume that major trucks and industrialized areas are far from this bridge.

If you were crossing the Batu Burung Bridge of Suryatmojo, where would it take you and why would you want to go there?

Photo Credit: Gold and Grey City by Sonni Suryatmojo

In the photo to the right, City of Gold and Grey, viewers are again drawn to the color contrast between ocher and shades of gray and white. In this photograph, Suryatmojo draws a connection between life in the South Pacific and commercialism. The distant ports and small boats indicate that the sea trade is integral to the local community.

In the distance, one can see a family riding a boat toward the port city of gold and grey. The boat is small and everything but luxurious. The economic climate of the Gold and Grey City comes into question with this imagery. Perhaps, the deliberate use of grey and white color schemes represents people who are financially strained, while the wealthier inhabitants are represented by the ocher colored rooftops.

Suruyatmojo touches upon several themes in his work, including mystism, economics, and commercialism.  His photography is informative without words. His work is evocative with subtle use of color and intricate detail. Suryatmojo, the architect from Singkawang, merges photography, social awareness and art in an exciting new perspective, offering viewers the opportunity to view life in a new lens.

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