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The Story of Bottled Water- Episode 4

4 Comments 26 July 2010

The Story of Bottled Water- Episode 4

“Miss Eviaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnn!, Miss Eviaaaaaaaan! Where are you dear?”

Mrs. Goldendiamondy has been like this all week! She just won’t leave Miss Evian alone for one second. It seems like she is always looking for excuses to talk to her or to steal her away from me. I am oh so happy that in the end Miss Evian decided to stay with us at the supermarket instead of trying to escape to go to the Rice-Castle with all of the other important French water bottles.  Oups! Yah, your right! I get confused all the time; it’s not the Rice-Castle but the Ritz Carlton! I still think that the “Rice-Castle” sounds so much funnier! I can just imagine a big castle made out of rice! Hahaha! But what is the Ritz-Carlton anyways?? Mrs Goldendiamondy told me it is a place like the supermarket but instead of being for bottles it is for real people. Sounds funny, I didn’t know they had people supermarkets as well… I need to ask Mrs Goldendiamondy to tell me more about those places like the Ritz, I think that they are called something like “botels”, or was it “motels”? No wait I am pretty sure they are called “hotels” now that I think of it!

Anyways, Miss Evian doesn’t need the Rice-Castle, she seems to be doing better at the super-market! Now that we have made peace we are really good friends and I like chatting with Miss Evian, she is very nice and funny. Last night, she was telling about her cousin from Australia, Aussie Bottled Water, who is being moved to America. Aussie comes from the town of Bundanoon in Australia. I don’t know about you but I think the name Bundanoon is absolutely hilarious! Well, anyways, getting back to my story, Miss Evian told me that Aussie was “deported” to the United States because Bundapoo, I mean, Bundanoon is the first city in the world to have completely banned bottled waters like me, from the shelves of all stores! I am not really sure what deported mean, but it doesn’t sound too good especially since Miss Evian told me that Aussie was so sad to leave her home. This is scary, they are trying to kick us out from everywhere! First the Rice-Castle and now Bundaboo!

Of course, right when Evian was telling me this story about her cousin, Aussie, Mrs. Goldendiamondy was spying on us and she immediately jumped in saying: “ once someone buys us and finishes all of our water we usually end up being discarded somewhere in the environment or in the ocean where the fish never welcome us in a very warm manner”.  I’ m not sure I understand what discarded means, but I sure know I love the beautiful ocean and the fish and I surely don’t want to get them mad.  I trust Mrs. Goldendiamondy, she is older than all of us here and seems to know many top secrets things! She sure is nice even if she is making me worry with all her talks about how we, plastic bottles, are so bad for the environment! At lunch, she even told me that we cost a thousand times more than normal water that comes from the sink !!! A THOUSAND TIMES!!! That sure sound like a lot! I hope our water has some magical powers because I really don’t understand why people would spend so much money on water they can get from their own kitchen. Maybe it is a grown up thing that I can’t understand who knows…! Oh! I have to run, or should I say, roll, tonight I am going to have lunch with Miss Evian!

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  1. Kristen says:

    Love love the episode number 4! you guys are hilarious! very good idea! smart and funny!

  2. Katy says:

    what is going on with the bottle and Miss Evian?? is it love?

  3. Alice says:

    I love how you can talk about a serious issue with a light and humorous tone, it is a great way to get the message across!

  4. Marcy says:

    cute story! good work! nice writing!

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