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Style Your Bathroom And Kitchen Sustainably

1 Comment 31 March 2011

Style Your Bathroom And Kitchen Sustainably

Thinking of refitting your bathroom or kitchen? Style sustainably with luxury kitchen and bathroom fixtures that use less water…and they look good while doing it.

Shop for bathroom and kitchen fixtures responsibly. Ask your retailer the right questions. Be sure that the fixtures you select comply with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines for water conservation.

Not sure where to begin with decorating responsibly? Always surf the website of your retailer and search for key words like “corporate social responsibility”, or “sustainability reports”.

Make every home purchase worth it with fittings that are good for the environment. If you’re searching for stylish new fittings for your bathroom, but can’t find a company with a good corporate social responsibility plan, start at ROHL.

Style and sustainability are two sides of the same coin with luxury kitchen and bath fittings from ROHL. ROHL designs showerheads that are sync with EPA guidelines for water use. ROHL also markets low-flow water saving aerators for your kitchen and bath.

Marketing water saving devices is not the only facet in selling high-end faucets, or other quality fixtures. ROHL has committed to reducing pollution in the world’s oceans by supporting Oceana, a non-profit headed by Ted Danson to save the world’s oceans.

Agreeing on the right look for your bathroom and kitchen is hard enough, especially if you’re arguing with a significant other about what finish to choose. Details like make and model are debatable. But, eco-friendly purchases are not.

Design your home with fittings worthy of a stamp of sustainability. Shop from retailers that don’t compromise on corporate social responsibility. Start your kitchen and bathroom on sturdy ground with quality bathroom fittings that you can feel good about.

The road to sustainable use of water resources is paved with seemingly small decisions from consumers, retailers, and end users like you. Make a difference and invest in water saving appliances for your kitchen and bath.

If anything, it’s a good story for your house warming.

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