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Singer Lizz Wright Takes You To The Water

2 Comments 25 March 2011

Singer Lizz Wright Takes You To The Water

Jazz singer Lizz Wright is a Georgia native who takes fans down to the water in her track Song for Mia from the album The Orchard.

Listeners are rocked by the ebb and flow of Wrights smooth vocals over a gentle strumming of her guitar, entreating them to take their worries down to the water.

Metaphors have graced great works of art across the centuries. In Wrights’ enchanting melody, she sings of water as a place to put her dreams in. The imagery is timeless, similar to sailors who stuffed letters in glass bottles, hoping a long lost love would stumble upon the writings.

In the lyrics to Song for Mia, Wright also sings of dumping her emotional baggage into this same body of water. “I put my tears in, all night long”, sings Wright. And what woman, young or old, isn’t looking for a place to safely store her tears?

Toward the end of her song Wrights sings, “I’ll take these bad things and I’ll lay them at the shore.” Unique to Wright’s piece, she sings about the power of water to safeguard the most fragile pieces of humanity—our feelings.

Musicians and other artists will surely allude to the various affects of water on the emotional health of people well into the future. Studying the unique characteristics that they associate with water, reveals the influences of nature impressed upon the human psyche.

Understanding how water has become more than a physical need for people broadens the collective consciousness about this precious resource. Water is meant to cleanse and heal that which at times is rendered  utterly inexpressible by a series of words.

Lizz Wrights will be performing at the Langston Hughes Auditorium at the Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture on Monday, March 28, 2011. Hopefully, she will take attendees to the water.

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  1. I can not believe that I have been wanting to see Liz wright for SOOOO long and she comes to New York, when I am not there! AAAGGH. I will see her one day! I simply love this powerful woman and her soul music! Excellent article Eryn-Ashlei! Thank you

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