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Reap What You Sow: H20 Efficient Landscaping

0 Comments 25 March 2011

Reap What You Sow: H20 Efficient Landscaping

They say April showers bring May flowers, but are you considering water efficient landscaping for your garden this year?

In the Clackamas River of northwestern Oregon, water use multiplies by 2-3 times more water in spring months as compared to winter months. Additional water use is attributed to the increased landscaping and planting that takes place in early spring.

Cultivating a water efficient landscape in your home garden could protect your plants from root rot, or being over watered. For plants, there is a such thing as too much water leading to an early wilting. Water responsibly.

The city of Hayward, California and Corvallis, Oregon published guides for water efficient landscaping through their department of public works. Water efficient landscaping techniques and plants differ according to climate and region of the country.

Contact your local department of public works to find out suggested water efficient landscaping techniques and plants for your garden.

Choosing a water efficient plant doesn’t mean sacrificing a beautiful garden. After all, an eco-sustainable garden will last longer than all others anyway.

Reap a renewable garden by properly nourishing water efficient plants. Future generations will thank you.

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