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Reader Survey: Time to Hear From You!

0 Comments 07 April 2011

Reader Survey: Time to Hear From You!

Over the past several months, WaterWideWeb has published articles on compelling water management issues around the world.

Our readers are important to us and we want to hear from you. What are your thoughts on the progress of WaterWideWeb? Are there particular topics that you would like us to cover in greater depth?

First, take a look at our website and get familiar with the layout. We organize published content in a way that makes interesting topics easy to find for readers.

On our website, you can read thoroughly researched articles on breakthroughs in water science, private sector efforts to reduce water consumption, and you can learn about socio-economic and political issues that revolve around shared water management.

Recently, we’ve published new content on water and design, home decor, and celebrities doing good in Hollywood for water charities.

Now, you’ve heard enough about us. It’s time that we’ve heard form you. Please take time to answer a few brief questions below so that we can publish the best content for our readers.

1.) How did you hear about WaterWideWeb?

2.) Do you have an article that peaked your interest more than others?

3.) Would you recommend WaterWideWeb to other friends and family?

4.) What topics do you want to read most on?

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