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PUB Singapore

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PUB Singapore

In the past, Singapore has suffered from serious water shortages due to a lack of natural water resources, flooding and serious water pollution issues. For this reason, the city has invested in research and technology in order to develop a comprehensive sustainable water plan derived from four different sources called the Four National Taps that include water from local catchment areas, imported water, reclaimed water and desalinated water. Singapore has managed to ensure a sustainable water supply in order to respond to the country’s needs. The entire water loop system is managed by PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency. Thanks to the hard work of this agency, Singapore’s tap water respects the World Health Organization drinking water guidelines and is safe for drinking without the need of any further treatments or filtration. PUB has water conservation at heart and they have come up with interactive and innovative ways to engage with children in order to familiarize them with water issues.

In 2007, PUB won the Stockholm Industry Water Award and was also named Water Agency of the year at the Global Water Awards of 2006 due to its hard work and successful way to manage used water with various raw water sources in an integrative and sustainable manner. The agency catch line “Water for All: Conserve, Value, Enjoy” is representative of their hard work when it comes to water conservation in order to “have enough water for all uses- for industry, for living, for life” (Source: In order to achieve these goals, PUB takes care the collection, production distribution and reclamation of water. Thanks to the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System (DTSS), used water is treated to be discharged into the sea or further purified into new water. PUB is working very hard to educate population to basic principles of water conservation. According to their official website, it seems that the hard work is paying off:  “Singapore’s per capita domestic water consumption has been brought down from 165 litres per day in 2003 to the current 155 liters” (Source: Their long-term ambitious target is to lower the water consumption to 140 litres by 2030.

PUB has developed a 360 degrees portal that tackles water issues on all possible fronts. They approach water issues from the stand point of all the various targets and social groups found in the local population. From an interactive online mascot for children, to serious tips for business owners PUB has learnt to communicate about important issues in an effective targeted manner. For instance, in order to respond to the ever-increasing water demands of industries and businesses, PUB has launched the Water Efficiency Fund (WEF) in order to raise awareness amongst company in order to educate them to water conservation and teach them efficient ways to manage their water demand.  To encourage Singaporeans to develop a special respect for water, pub is working hard with sporting events and organizations in oder to promote water sports amongst the local population. According to the organization, if people develop a special bond and appreciation for water they will most likely feel the need to respect it and safeguard it.

For its 5th anniversary, PUB decided to launch the Water Wally e-games, rendering the mascot of water conservation even more popular amongst children. Through games and fun, children can finally learn about water conservation and water issues. The friendly mascot, an amusing water drops, teaches children how to use water wisely and why it is important to keep reservoirs clean. As a reward system, if a child scores enough points in the Wally e-games about water conservation, they can win Wally toys! According to George Madhavan, director of 3P Network, PUB, “these games enhance our sustained efforts in school outreach programme to encourage our younger generation to value water and to care for it” (Source:  The mascot was launched in 2005 in order to create a real dialogue with children about an issue that is too often portrayed as daunting and for grown-ups. By educating children at an early age, this is somewhat of a long-term investment on the future generations to come.

PUB, Singapore’s national water agency is an example to be followed around the world when it comes to dealing with water conservation. The agency has managed to turn the country’s water supply around, offering now quality potable tap water for all citizens. In addition, PUB is working hard to raise awareness amongst the population when it comes to water issues. Water Wally, the newest mascot has proven to be an interactive way to dialogue with children and to raise awareness with fun games about water and the importance of this natural element.



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