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Family Fun on a Budget in Florida

1 Comment 29 March 2011

Family Fun on a Budget in Florida

Looking for a great get-a-away that won’t be too expensive, but not so cheap that you regret booking the flight and hotel?

Consider scuba diving in Florida for your next vacation. You can save money without scrimping on vacation must have’s like outdoor activities and culture.

The Florida Underwater Archaeological Preserves (FUAP) offers tourists and locals several great spots to scuba dive and take in beautiful underwater culture.

The FUAP protects underwater sites and marine heritage along the coastline of Florida. To date, FUAP has designated 11 sites or Museums in the Sea where divers can explore submerged ships and underwater heritage.

The various underwater museums in Florida’s Museums in the Sea are the locale of some of histories most fascinating battles and naval fleet wars.

The site of Urca de Lima is said to be the place where the alleged 1715 Spanish treasure fleet sank during a hurricane at Ft. Pierce. Surrounding every sunken ship, there is a deep tale or two as to the cargo of the vessel, and how she mysteriously sunk.

Lofthus is another site protected by FUAP. There, the vessel rests at the bottom of the sea after wrecking off Manalapan, FL in 1898.

According to FUAP, the Lofthus averted the attacks of cut-throat pirates by painting “trompe l’oeil”  gun ports. But alas, it wasn’t a bank of thievish pirates that let to the Lofthus’ demise. It sank from natural causes.

The San Pedro wreckage of the Museums in the Sea takes divers along a historical journey where a Spanish galleon of the 1733 Spanish Plate Fleet saw her last days in the Florida Keys near Islamorada.

All this and more awaits scuba divers and travelers who want to budget for a memorable yet cost-effective family vacation.

You don’t have to travel all seven seas or spend exorbitant amounts of money to enjoy a lone, group, or family vacation. Think fun, accessible, and easy on the wallet with scuba diving in Florida.

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